There is a popular saying in the real estate market that “It is not when you buy but when you sell that makes the difference to your profit” and Singapore is the best place that proves this saying to a great extent. When it comes to stock markets, people often find it fluctuating, but what is often standard is the real estate market in Singapore. The huge demand in the property market in Singapore has enabled foreign investors, construction companies, builders and realtors to invest heavily in Singapore in the real estate segment. This wave of investment has led to a huge price increase and it is not expected to fall in the near future but the flurry of investments is only going to increase.

It is expected that more and more public and private apartments, bungalows and terrace houses are to be launched in the next few years and the past trends in the real estate market in Singapore reveals that the increase in price is based on the sentiments and foreign investments rather than the stock situation. Singapore being a major IT hub, a busy tourist destination and home to the headquarters of many big corporate companies has attracted a lot of people to come to Singapore and make it as their home. This demand for property will also help the price levels from decreasing in the next few years.

In Singapore, we have executive condominiums that are similar to private condominiums. ECs got all the facilities like swimming pool, guard house, function room, gym, BBQ pit and many more that private condo can offer. Yet, ECs are selling at about 20% to 30% lower than the private condominium. ECs in fact, is a heavily subsidized apartment that only Singapore Citizen can benefit from. Parc Life EC, located near Sembawang MRT is selling fast now. The main reason is because buyers realize how good the development is. Parc Life EC prices are updated frequently. To make sure that you have the latest update, kindly contact us by filling the form below.

Top reasons why foreign investors flock the Singapore Property Market are:

  • Singapore is one of the busiest economic cities in the world with huge opportunities in investment in properties, tourism etc.
  • It is considered one of the safest places to do business, investments and also a safe place to live
  • With a stable economy the Singapore dollar is also strong and can’t see any major fluctuations. Many foreigners who are looking to diversify their money look to Singapore to invest
  • Singapore has been give the triple A- rating by the Standard & Poor’s Rating services, which means it is a safe place to invest your money.
  • The Government also welcomes foreign investments with their macroeconomic policies.
  • Worse economic conditions in the western countries has forced investors to look for the eastern countries to park their money
  • Honk Kong and China have implemented some cooling measures in terms of property investment, which also is seen as a positive for Singapore property market.
  • Singapore also has excellent transport facilities including MRTS, buses, taxis and private cabs.