Parc Life EC Best Buy List

FR $709PSF!

2br Viva: $776psf
02-10 @ $584,640 (753sf)
3br Viva: $749psf
02-02/05 @ $700,800 (936sf)
4br Vista: 756psf
02-32 @ $960,000 (1270sf)
5br Vista: $769psf
02-07 @ $1,192,320 (1550sf)

*Price is subjected to changes, call us to find out the latest available unit and price

Please note that the 2 bedroom #01-09 & #01-10 are not for sales. Developer is converting the 2 units into Showroom ID. The current Promotion Scheme is ending on 1/4/17. Kindly refer to Parc Life EC for more updates.